Cat Wellness Exams in Maple Grove

Comprehensive Physical Exams: From Kittens to Seniors!

At Maple Grove Pet Hospital, we believe in the importance of regular physical exams for cats of all ages. For kittens, these exams coincide with their vaccination schedule, offering an opportunity to monitor their development closely. As your cat grows into adulthood and later into their senior years, annual wellness exams provide a baseline of your cat’s health. These visits allow us to detect and manage age-related health issues early and are a perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions about your cat’s health or behavior.

Tailored Vaccination Program

Our vaccination approach is customized to your cat’s specific needs, considering their age, lifestyle, medical history, and exposure risks. Adhering to the latest guidelines from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) we ensure your cat receives the appropriate core and non-core vaccines for optimal protection at every life stage.

Spaying and Neutering

We recommend spaying or neutering cats around 6 months of age to help protect their health from cancer as well as prevent unwanted litters. Before surgery, we ensure your cat is up-to-date with vaccinations and conduct a thorough health assessment, including pre-surgical lab work.

Nutritional Advice for Every Life Stage

Proper nutrition is fundamental to your cat’s health throughout their life. We provide guidance on meal feeding and portion control to maintain a healthy weight from from their kitten stage through their senior years, reducing the risk of health issues such as diabetes.

Dental Care for Lifelong Health

Starting a dental care routine early is vital. Regular teeth brushing with cat-specific toothpaste and routine dental check-ups can prevent many health problems. We offer advice on home dental care and recommend professional cleanings to maintain your cat’s oral health.

Litter Box Management

Proper litter box practices are essential for your cat’s comfort and to prevent behavioral issues. We recommend one litter box per cat plus one extra, placed in different locations, and regular cleaning to encourage use. If you encounter any litter box issues, consult us for advice and potential medical evaluations.