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Dog and Cat Grooming: Serving Maple Grove, MN and Surrounding Communities

Looking good equals feeling good…

In addition to our veterinarian services, Brooklyn Park Pet Hospital offers a full-service dog grooming salon that can perform a wide range of grooming services for your loved one. Take some time to check out our services below:

Dog Grooming Packages Available

Basic Dog Bath Package

  • Bath
  • Cleaning and removal of excess hair from ear canals
  • Nail trimming and grinding

Full-Service Dog Grooming Package

Receive a $5.00 discount on your first Full-Service Dog Grooming Package!

  • Bath
  • Cleaning and removal of excess hair from ear canals
  • Nail trimming and grinding
  • Brushing of coat
  • Expressing anal glands (as request)
  • No-heat blow dry
  • Style cut
  • Cologne finishing spray
  • Bow or bandana

Call 763.566.6000 for pricing and more information.

Cat Grooming Packages Available

Basic Cat Grooming Package

  • Bath
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming
  • Comb-out

Feline Lion Cut Package

  • Bath
  • Lion cut shave
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming

Call 763.566.6000 for pricing and more information.

** If sedation is needed for cat grooming, additional fees will be discussed **

Additional Grooming Services Offered

Medically Necessary Shave Down

Includes all services in the full-service grooming package, however, if the pet is at a point where the overall health of the pet would improve with the removal of excessively matted hair coat, the pet’s fur is taken down as short as possible.

Supplementary Grooming Services Available

  • Nail Trimming and Grinding
  • Oral Care Grooming
  • Face Trim
  • Sanitary Clip
  • Feet Trim / Paw Shave
  • De-Shedding Treatments

Vaccination Requirements

All pets scheduled for grooming are required to be current on distemper combination and rabies vaccines and must have proof prior to any grooming. Puppies and kittens under 16 weeks of age, who haven’t received their full vaccine series or rabies vaccine, are the only patients exempt from this policy.

Dog and Cat Grooming FAQs

Why are prices for Grooming Packages not listed online?
Our groomers will personally discuss your pet’s specific needs and recommend just the right service. Due to different breeds, condition of coat and time required to complete services, package prices are determined after your pet is assessed. Call 763.566.6000 for pricing and more information.

How often should I groom my pet?
We recommend every 6-8 weeks. Regular grooming will help keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy. We encourage you to pre book your next visit to keep up on a regular schedule and ensure that you get the reservation time you want.

Can I drop off my dog early?
The hospital opens at 8:00am. If you need an earlier drop off time, arrangements can be made, just ask! If your pet needs to stay for the entire day, there is no additional charge.

How long does a grooming take?
Most pets take about 3 hours. Sometimes pets that are anxious need occasional breaks which can increase the grooming time.

Can I stay with my pet?
We understand that it is hard to leave your pet, but for safety reasons it is best that owners are not present. Also, pets generally want to be close to their owners and their presence makes it more stressful for the pet and more challenging for the groomer.

Do you offer De-Shedding Treatments?
Yes! It does not eliminate shedding, but it does reduce the amount that is shed. We recommend utilizing the de-shedding treatment every 4 weeks for the best results.

Do you take pets that are aggressive or elderly?
Yes! We have many techniques to help with your pet’s issues. We can also sedate the pet if it is necessary.

What if my pet is on a special shampoo?
If you would like your pet bathed with a shampoo that we do not normally use, please bring it with your pet.

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