Special friends deserve special care!

That's why we're inviting you to bring your special friend in to us for a comprehensive
exam and consultation, by our veterinarian Dr. Scott S. Greiman.

At Maple Grove Pet Hospital, we've been giving special care to pets for more than 25
years. We opened our clinic in 1982, and our hospital was the first veterinary clinic in
Maple Grove. We are dedicated to quality care and personalized, professional service.
We work with you to ensure your pet receives the highest quality and affordable medical care. Our clinic is a full-service veterinary hospital including dietary management, health care, x-ray facilities, diagnostic facilities and surgical care.

Keep your pet in optimal health by establishing a preventive health program. Please call
us to arrange an appointment for a comprehensive exam, and receive the discounted prices shown on these routine surgeries and vaccinations. This is a 20% discount off our regular prices. We will also provide you with a free exam for your new puppy or kitty!

We look forward to hearing from you!
Scott S. Greiman D.V.M. and Staff